What Is HashFinders? – My Honest Review

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Hans here again, I would like to answer the question what is hashfinders?

Today I’m going to give an honest review of a site that has gotten a lot of attention over the last several weeks. As a matter of fact in just 30 days HashFinders.com has grown to 18,000 members. What has caused this phenomena? There are different opinions I’m sure, but I believe it is the great success they are having in helping people earn money online!

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Before I get into the details, let me give you a brief summary of how you can earn Bitcoin with Hash Finders.

Basically, there are 2 ways to earn with HashFinders. The first way is a passive income that pays daily, Monday through Friday. You purchase Hash Packages and the company pays you an average of 1.5% each day Monday Through Friday.

You will receive 200% of the purchase price. At that point you can purchase another Hash package or just withdraw your earnings.

In order to receive your daily payment you are required to perform 5 “jobs”. These jobs are simply the click of a link. So, you click a link 5 times each day and the company pays you an average of 1.5% per day.

Here is a video to show you what I mean…

The other way you earn money with Hash Finders is by referring others. HashFinders.com will pay you 7% commission on every direct referral. Also, you will earn Binary Bonuses as you grow your organization and your referrals refer others.

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hashfindersHashfinders.com is a Korean based company. Their expertise is in Crypto-currency. Unlike many others, Hash Finders does not rely on the price of bitcoin for their profits. Actually, they earn from the transactions that take place on the bitcoin network. This means that no matter the price of bitcoin, as long as people are making transactions, Hashfinders has the potential of earning profits.

What makes them different is, Hash Finders shares those profits with their members.

HashFinders gets their name from Bitcoin hash. A bitcoin Hash is the string of digits used in a bitcoin transaction. Each transaction has to be confirmed a certain number of times depending on the bitcoin wallet and the processor.

HashFinders partners with several Bitcoin processors and mining organizations. They offer confirmations of Bitcoin hashes and by doing so they speed up the bitcoin network.

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There are a large number of transactions on the bitcoin network and sometimes this causes a transaction to take longer than expected. This can cause the user to loose faith in the bitcoin network or for convenience sake not use Bitcoin.

In order to solve this problem, Hashfinders, along with other companies, uses an algorithm to confirm transactions and move the bitcoin network along faster. For this service they charge a fee.

Along with the electronic confirmations, Hashfinders also does manual confirmations. Hashfinders allows their members to help with the manual confirmations and in turn offers daily payments.Any member has the opportunity to purchase a package called a hash pack. Depending on which package you get, you receive a certain number of “accelerators”. You can use these accelerators to speed up any transaction in the bitcoin network.

Along with your accelerator you are also assigned 5 jobs each day, Monday thru Friday. The jobs are simply Hashes that you must click on to transfer them into the pool. When you do this you are paid from Hashfinders an average of 1.5% each day you complete your jobs.

The percentage is different each day and ranges from 0.5 to 2.9 percent each day you receive payment. This money is placed into your Earnings Wallet and can be withdrawn twice each week.

In order to purchase hash packages you must first deposit money into your HashFinders Account. This process is quite simple and it requires the use of a Bitcoin Wallet. If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet or don’t know what a bitcoin wallet is for, you can learn more about that here.

Once you have made your deposit you can use that money to purchase your first Hash Package.

Hash Packages range in price from $100 all the way up to $50,000. The larger the package the larger your earnings. However, you are only required to do 5 jobs per day to earn at any level.

This form of payment is the passive income you are able to earn from HashFinders.

Along with their passive income opportunity, Hashfinders also offers a referral commision and also has a binary matrix that pays bonuses on many levels.

If you would like to build a team of Hashfinders you can do that and earn from 7 levels within your organization. Reference the image below to see how the binary works.

For the purpose of this page I’m going to simply say you need to refer 2 people to Hashfinders in order to qualify for Binary Bonuses. And you do receive 7% commission on your direct referrals. This is a great way to build an income that can snowball into a full-time income.

If you have any questions about Hashfinders or you need more information please contact me.

Hans Zandstra
email: hans@recessionproof4life.com
Call or Text: 682-593-3366

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