What To Invest In With 1000 Dollars? – Try Bitcoin

Have you been asking yourself what to invest in with 1000 dollars?

If you have I have some really good news for you!

There are a lot of investment opportunities online and you need to know what you are getting into before forking over your money.  However, I have found a great way to earn money and if you have 1000 dollars that is a great place to start.

My name is Hans and I have been working online since 2009.  I have found good and bad ways to make money.  For me the best ways have always been ways that allow for passive income.  That is why today I suggest putting your money into Hashfinders.

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Hashfinders is a Korean based company that allows anyone to invest in their product and receive a daily income while helping to speed up bitcoin transactions.  Hashfinders has developed software that allows the bitcoin transactions to be accelerated as they are confirmed in the blockchain.  If you are unfamiliar with Bitcoin you may not understand fully what I’m talking about.

To keep things simple let me say that due to the increased interest in Bitcoin the transactions of the currency can be slowed down in the network.  Since Bitcoin is a digital currency, each transaction must be confirmed a certain number of times.  Each transaction has a certain number of digits attached to it to identify the specific transaction.  These specific strings of digits are called hashes.  Thus the name Hash Finders.

As I stated earlier Hashfinders is a great place to invest 1000 dollars.  The reason I say 1000 dollars is because that is the amount that will allow you to receive a truly passive return.  With HashFinders you are able to invest by purchasing investment packages.  These packages start at 100 dollars and go all the way up to 50000 dollars.

If you purchase any package that is less than 1000 dollars, you are required to confirm 5 transaction each day in order to qualify for your daily returns.  Each package pays you 200% of the initial purchase in about 6 or 7 months.  This equates to 0.5 to 2.9 percent each day.  The packages pay Monday through Friday only.  They do not pay on week-ends.

If you purchase any package that is 1000 dollars or more, you are not required to confirm any transactions and you will automatically receive your daily earnings.  This is why I say if you invest at least 1000 dollars you will earn completely passive.

So, what to invest in with 1000 dollars? – HashFinders!  Hashfinders allows you an easy way to invest in Bitcoin that gives you a good return.  Even if Bitcoin goes down you will still be able to get a better return because they will pay based on the dollar amount, not the bitcoin amount.

Advantages to investing 1000 dollars in HashFinders

  1. You can basically double your money within 6 to 7 months. Hashfinders will pay you 0.5 to 2.9 percent per day, Monday Through Friday, until you receive 200%.
  2. You receive a daily payout of your earnings
  3. Your return can be purely passive.  Once you invest 1000 dollars or more, you earn completely passive without having to log in each day for your confirmation clicks.
  4. You can accelerate your earnings by building a team.  You receive 7% commission from anyone you refer to Hashfinders and you also get team building bonuses.
  5. All transactions are done via Bitcoin so they are secured through blockchain technology.  Since all transactions to and from Hashfinders are done by Bitcoin, you get the security of the bitcoin network and blockchain technology.

Dis-Advantages to investing 1000 dollars in HashFinders

  1. You must use bitcoin. This means you need to have a bitcoin wallet and cannot purchase directly from your bank account.  When you purchase Bitcoin you have to pay the fees from whichever wallet you choose.  However, the earnings from Hashfinders are more than the fees.
  2. Withrawal Fees.  Hashfinders charges a 7 percent withdrawal fee when you make a withdrawal from the site.  Since you earn 200% of your initial investment, 7 percent is not going to cause you to lose money.
  3. You need 1000 dollars.  Obviously, if you are going to invest 1000 dollars you need to have 1000 dollars.  So I suppose it could be seen as a dis advantage if you don’t have the money.

You have an opportunity to earn from any investment you make with Hashfinders.  If you have 1000 dollars than you can earn passive income and commissions.  You can also invest at other levels, including 2500 dollars, 5000 dollars, 10000 dollars, 20000 dollars, 40000 dollars and 50000 dollars.  Any of these investments will give you the opportunity to double your investment in about 6 months time.

Also, if you don’t have 1000 dollars right now, you can start with a smaller amount.  You can invest $500 and still earn 200 percent over six months.  Or you can invest as little as 100 dollars.  Even with 100 dollars you can earn upto 200 percent.  If you decide to invite others you will also receive commissions and reach your 200% even faster.

With Hashfinders you can invest a little or a lot.  You can earn without any recruiting, or you can build a large team.  They have made it very simple, to earn money online.

Don’t let the complexities of Bitcoin technology keep you from earn money with a very simple concept.

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As always, if you have any questions or if I can help you in anyway please reach out to me.  Hopefully, by now you know what to invest in with 1000 dollars!  Hashfinders!



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