Wealthy Affiliate Unbiased Review

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate Unbiased Review!

In this article I’m going to offer you my honest Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review. My name is Hans and I have been working online since 2009. I have seen a lot of online income opportunities come and go since I started looking at ways to earn money online. I tried several methods and met a lot of people while on this crazy ride. While many companies have come and gone I must admit, Wealthy Affiliate has remained steady.  So here is my review.

what is wealthy affiliate reviewName: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Price: Free To Join *Starter  $49/month *premium
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Verdict: Legitimate & Recommended

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a company that was founded by Kyle and Carson in 2002. Today, Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate platform that offers training and a community of like-minded individuals who will help you be successful in online marketing. I have searched a number of affiliate courses and most of them have very little to offer. I spent thousands of dollars going to webinars, watching videos and listening to conference calls about affiliate marketing.


Finally, I joined Wealthy affiliate because it is the first affiliate training that I have found of its kind. Wealthy affiliate is definitely built with the beginner in mind. The training at WA takes you step by step through the process of earning money from affiliate marketing online. If you have never built a website or don’t even know what affiliate marketing is, Wealthy affiliate explains this in a very thorough and easy to understand process. If you will follow the steps outlined in the courses, you will be able to build your first website within just a few minutes.


There are no gimmicks and the information is simple to follow and very easy to understand. There are both video and written instructions to make things easier to follow along. Wealthy Affiliate also offers a community of entrepreneurs who are eager to help you by answering questions and encouraging you along the way.


Besides the training, Wealthy Affiliate also offers great tools to help you become successful. There is a keyword research tool, website hosting, content editor and live support, just to name a few. Wealthy Affiliate offers all the resources you need to start earning an income online and they allow you to start for free.

Click Here To Sign Up As A Free Member


Pros – Membership Has Its Benefits.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Review
There are some benefits to being a member at Wealthy Affiliate. Here is a list of some of my favorite benefits

  • Web Hosting – As a premium member you can host up to 50 websites. Along with hosting your site Wealthy Affiliate also offers site building, domains, content builder and support.
  • Wealthy Affiliate Community – There is a social community that will answer any questions you have. They also help you set goals and encourage you to work towards those goals.
  • Training – The videos and written curriculum is probably the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow that I have ever seen.
  • Support – Both the owners and other members of the site are available 24/7 to help with any questions you have. Along with that there is a live chat and support email.
  • Cost – You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and the paid membership is only $49 per month.


Cons – Nobody’s Perfect

Of course, with any company you join there are benefits and draw backs. Wealthy Affiliate is no different. There are a few things that I don’t like.

  • The community can be distracting. When I first started, I found the site a little distracting. While the training is very straight forward and easy to follow, at times the input from the community can be distracting. There is so much training available it can be a bit overwhelming. I find it best to follow the simple step-by-step training before going to all the live events that take place each week.
  • It takes time and hard work. Wealthy Affiliate works, but you have to put the training to work for you. You need to invest about 1 to 2 hours per day into the training in order to be successful. Also, you never know how long it will take before you start earning from your website. I suggest giving it a year to see the full potential.
  • It’s not for everyone. If you are not interested in building a website and filling it with content, this probably isn’t for you. While anyone can learn how to do this, not everyone will do it. However, if you are willing to learn, you will find that you can earn an income from anything that you are passionate about.

Cost: Out-Of-Pocket Starting Expense

What Is Wealthy Affiliate ReviewHave you ever heard the expression, “you have to spend money to earn money?” This is always true when starting a business of any kind and Wealthy Affiliate is no exception. The premium membership is $49 per month or $359 per year.


However, you can start out as a free member and even finish the first course which is what I always recommend. Once you upgrade to premium you can decide if you want to pay the $49 monthly or the annual $359.


Other expenses would be the cost of your domain names for your website which cost about $15 per year. You can start with a free domain or purchase a domain name when you create your first website. My advice is to get the free membership and try it out first.

Free Membership Available Now, Click Here To Get Started

Ways To Be Successful – Making Wealthy Affiliate Work For You

What Is Wealthy Affiliate ReviewSuccess does not come easy, but it’s also not complicated. It takes goals, determination, hard work and endurance. If you will set goals for yourself and follow the simple step-by-step training in wealthy affiliate, you will be successful!

The training is very in depth and easy to understand.  You can navigate through it very easily on the website and each lesson also gives you action points that allow you to track your progress.  This will help you stay focused and gives you the organization that you need to stay on track each day.

As you follow the boot camp course you will learn the steps to creating an online business.  While there are many different methods to becoming successful the steps are general the same.

Step 1: Build A website: With the Wealthy Affiliate training you will be able to create your first website within minutes.

Step 2: Get Traffic:  As you learn how to rank in search engines, like google you will get more and more traffic to your website.

Step 3: Monetize your site: Through the training process you will learn how to convert your traffic into sales and earn an income from our website.

It will take time and you will have bad days and there maybe times you will want to quit. But if you are determined to make it work and you continue with the program you will make it.  Wealthy Affiliate has an awesome support group of thousands of successful entrepreneurs who have been built their businesses the same way.  They are all there to help you.  Dare to dream and you will find success.

Who Should Join? – Is Wealthy Affiliate For You?

If you have been reading this long, you should know by now the pros and cons of Wealthy Affiliate. Hopefully, you are able to decide if this program will work for you. My advice to you is very simple. Try Wealthy Affiliate for free. Once you have completed the first course you should know if this is a good fit for you. If you are a beginner, this is definitely a good place for you to start.


If you have been doing affiliate marketing for a while and you are looking for some advanced techniques, this still will work for you but you won’t find it in the starter membership. For advanced training you will definitely want the premium membership.

what is wealthy affiliate review

Final Thoughts + Bonus

What Is Wealthy Affiliate ReviewIn conclusion, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone interested in building a serious online business.  Remember you can join 100% for free.  There are no strings attached.  On top of that, if you do join and upgrade to premium within the first 7 days I will offer you a free bonus.  Once you join I will contact you through your WA profile page.  You will get my greeting and also information on how to claim your bonus.  I promise it will be worth it.


I hope this Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review has been helpful to you. Please ask any questions or add comments below.







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  1. mmm, you really nailed it, if i hadn’t joined wealthy affiliate earlier i would definitely join with this review.

  2. Comprehensive review Hans, I wonder if you have also looked at Human Proof Designs? and what the difference is (if any) I’m deciding between the two offers at the moment.

    • Hi Nigel, thanks for the comment and the great question! Honestly, I have not looked at Human Proof Designs. I will take a look at that and get back with you.

  3. Great review, what can one accomplish with wealthy affiliate? Is it just to market the program as an affiliate product?

    like if I want to become a blogger, an influencer, create an e-commerce or even a classified website, how will it help me?  Because not many people also want to build a sustainable online business, not just to make quick money but to change their lifestyle.


    • Thank you so much for your comment.  This is a great question.  The wonderful thing about wealthy affiliate is you can really do whatever you love to do.  For example if you have a passion to teach, Wealthy affiliate will help you build a website about teaching.  You can share your passion with the world.  Than, if you desire you can use that passion to start earning an income.  There is no greater freedom than doing what you love and getting paid to do it.

      Hope this helps…


  4. An honest and unbiased review of the wealthy affiliate site. Sincerely I can find a better option and starting point for any one who would want to build a long lasting online affiliate marketing business.

    As a premium member myself its easier to understand this review. If am not premium member yet, this post would have gone a long way to hasten my decision to join. Thanks for the unbiased and critical review.

    • Thank you for your comments.  I really love wealthy affiliate and glad to see you are a premium member as well.  There is so much to offer and if you need any help along the way please reach out to me, I”m happy to help.


  5. OK. I am glad I read this. I just started WA and I have been overwhelmed. I have trying to do everything. I think I will try to concentrate on just the training for a while and see how it goes. I am going to do baby steps for now. 

    I’m working on my first blog now. I’ll get back to that and try not to get too distracted anymore.



    • That’s great Chris!  For me, I just follow the training step by step.  It gives me a plan and keeps me focused.  It’s easy to get distracted and overwhelmed because there is so much going on.  Also, if you ever need help please reach out to me.


  6. Your review is really inspirational. Wealthy Affiliate has been doing business for nearly 16 years. It is definitely a reliable organization for online marketing and business as well. When I was a premium member, there were many doubts in my mind. But now there is nothing left. Here is a great opportunity to earn money through opening web site with community credit. Though 49 dollars per month, I think a little bit expensive.
    However, thanks a lot for the excellent reviews.


    • Rgpratap,

      Thanks for your comment.  I’m glad you have found wealthy affiliate to be a great resource.  As far as the monthly fee, it is really not much when you consider they also offer great hosting and so many other features.  I can’t find any other company that would offer hundreds of training sessions, web hosting, 24/7 support, direct contact with the owners and so much more for only $49 a month.  Plus if that is too much you can pay annually and it’s only about $30 per month.  So if you look at the value, it’s hard to see $49 as too much.  For me, I would loose money without Wealthy Affiliate.

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