Google Sniper Honest Review

Google Sniper Honest Review

Name: Google Sniper
Price:  $47 per month
Owner: George Brown


What Is Google Sniper About?

George Brown has gotten a lot of attention with his product, google sniper.  Today I want to give you an honest review and answer the question, what is google sniper about.  First of all, google sniper is a course that teaches people how to create a website and market products online.

Basically, it is an affiliate marketing training course. The course itself has both video and written teaching. In his course, George goes through the basics of setting up what he calls “sniper sites.”. The concept is not original, but George gave it a name and it fits.

These Sniper sites are actually highly targeted, niche sites. Probably, it would be safe to say these are micro – niche sites. From what George has said in his videos, google sniper is about teaching you how to earn a lot of money online. He states this can be done relatively quickly and with minimal effort.

Some of what George teaches is very beneficial. For example, he does go over the basics of setting up a WordPress site and also how to find hosting. He also goes over keyword research in detail.

In my opinion, finding keywords is the most important part of building a website.  Finding Google Sniper keywords is very essential.  If you have Google Sniper already or you are interested in building a website I suggest learning all you can about keyword research.  I have done a review of a great tool that will give you all the google sniper keywords you will need.  Or, you can use this tool to find keywords for any project you are working on.

The tool is call Jaaxy and you can checkout my review by clicking here.

The google sniper idea did work great when the course was first introduced. I used the Google Sniper method to build some websites back in 2011 and I was very successful getting traffic and even getting conversions. However, I feel the course is quite outdated and some methods he teaches would actually get your site penalized by google today. The video on his sales page is extremely outdated. You can see dates from 2014. Sorry George, it’s now 2019, time to update your video.

Pros – George Has Some Good Stuff In Here

The Google Sniper course is about learning to find a niche and market that niche online. In my opinion this is a good thing. Anytime you can learn about online marketing, you are doing yourself a favor. There is a lot of money to made in affiliate marketing and finding your niche is very important. As far as Google Sniper goes let me list some things I liked about the course.

  1. George gives you a manual. I like this because it’s always good to have a point of reference when you get stuck wondering what do next. With a PDF manual like the one from Google sniper you can search for what you are looking for and you don’t have to try to fast-forward through a video to find it. You can simply do a control F and find exactly what you are looking for.
  2. Keyword Research training. The keyword research that George teaches in this course is pretty good. I was a newbie and what he taught helped me out a lot. Of course, he uses the free google keyword search tool and it’s OK, but there are better tools available.
  3. In Depth Video Training. George also offers some great videos in the Google Sniper training. In his videos George walks you through the process of setting up a website using WordPress. Also, he walks you through finding hosting, both free and paid. There are easier ways to do it, but it’s great to learn the way George teaches as well.

Cons – There Are Some Problems With Google Sniper

While I do believe Google Sniper is a legitimate product and can be helpful, there are also flaws with the course. There are better courses available and I’ll share a few reasons I no longer use Google Sniper.

  1. Google Sniper is outdated. Much of the material George Brown uses for this course used to work but Google has updated their algorithms and some methods mentioned no longer work. Also, as I mentioned before, some of his videos are outdated.
  2. Keyword Stuffing. In my opinion, some technique that George shows you to do in google sniper would be considered keyword stuffing. The google sniper course teaches you to write using keywords several times in one post. When you should be just using your main keyword in the title and in the first paragraph. After that if you write naturally, Google will give your site more credibility. Keyword Stuffing is frowned upon by google and can put your site in jeopardy.
  3. The site is unorganized. The training has some good materials but the site is not very organized. Training should be easy to follow in a step-by-step manner.
  4. Support. While George does offer some support there is better support available elsewhere. There is no community to consult with and you are basically doing the course alone.

Google Sniper is not all bad, but you still have to find your own hosting and you don’t have a lot of support. For the same price of $49 per month you can get training, hosting and a great community of entrepreneurs eager to help you. Also, Wealthy Affiliate offers an annual price that greatly reduces the cost.  I would recommend using Wealthy Affiliate.

You can check out my wealthy affiliate review here.

How Much Does Google Sniper Cost?

George Brown used to offer a $1 trial of Google Sniper. However, this is no longer the case. So it is now $49 per month to get google sniper.

How Does Google Sniper Work?

The basic concept of Google Sniper is very simple.

  1. Find a product to promote, using Clickbank or another affiliate network.
  2. Build a niche website.
  3. Drive Traffic to that site using Google. (Search Engine Optimization)
  4. Earn commissions from the sales on your website.

This is how affiliate marketing works anyway. George is just showing people how to build several small targeted sites that generate income from sales of products. The problem is sales only come from the traffic you can generate. While google sniper worked great in the past, it may not be the wave of the future. In my opinion this product is stuck in the past and is not the best way to begin an online business.

Who Should Buy Google Sniper? – It’s Definitely NOT For Everyone

Someone interested in building an online business would probably be interested in Google Sniper. This product allows an individual to learn how to create a website and find a niche. Than it also, goes on to talk about getting traffic and converting your website into a profitable selling platform. So anyone looking to build an online business and willing to put in the effort would benefit from this product. However, I it isn’t as easy as George makes it out to be. If you are interested in working online, you need to know that it takes time, effort and you shouldn’t go it alone. That’s why I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone wanting to start a business online. Take a look at my wealthy affiliate review page before you purchase Google Sniper.
Click here for my wealthy affiliate review

Or, to learn more about Google Sniper click here.

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  1. Good review of Google Sniper. But as you said I too believe WA is much better.

    • Thanks Jane. Yes WA is the full package. While google sniper has some good ideas, WA offers the full package; training, mentors, and all the tools for success.

    • Thanks Helen. Be sure to check out my review or Wealthy Affiliate as well.

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