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Name: Clixsense
Website: www.Clixsense.com
Price: Free To Join
Owners: Jim V. Grago


What Is Clixsense.com?

what is clixsense.comMany people have heard of Clixsense.com and many are interested in it.  However, because of the mixed reviews people are wondering, what is Clixsense.com?  The company name is Clixsense and the purpose of this post is to give you an honest review of the company.

Clixsense is a pay to click site that pays users for various tasks.  The tasks range from clicking on ads, to completing surveys to simple data entry.  Each task pays a different amount.  If you only want to click ads you can earn anywhere from $0.001 upto $0.02 per click.  However, you can earn more money for other tasks.  For  example, if you like to take surveys you can earn $0.10 upto $5.00 for every survey you take.


Pros – Things You Might like

  • Clixsense is free to join.  If you don’t want to spend any money to get started earning online, clixsense is a way you can start.  Membership is free.
  • It is very simple.  You don’t need any special training to complete the tasks on clixsense.  If you are looking for something easy you can do in your spare time, this could be for you.
  • You get paid.  The payouts are legitimate.  Clixsense has been around since 2007 and I dont know of anytime that they didn’t payout.

Cons – Less Enjoyable Things

  • This is a very slow pay.  If you need money quickly, Clixsense is probably not the way to go.  You will have to click a lot of ads and do a lot of tasks in order to earn a significant amount of money.
  • The tasks are boring.  If you are looking for something fun to pass the time this probably isn’t it.  You have to spend time doing very tedious work.
  • Surveys are not always available.  Surveys pay more than clicking ads but they are not always available.  Depending on your location and the time you check some surveys are not available so you will have to do other tasks that pay less.

How Much Does Clixsense Cost?

Fortunately, the cost to join is zero.  The best part about Clixsense is that you can join for free.  This program may be good for you if you really don’t have any money to get started online.  If you are a serious entreprenuer this program is probably not for you.  This is more for a single parent who wants to get a few extra dollars in their spare time.



How Does Clixsense Work?

In order for Clixsense to work for you, first you need to join.

Click here to join Clixsense for free.

what is clixsense.comOnce you are a member there are several ways to get Clixsense to work for you.  First you decide what it is you want to do to start earning money with Clixsense.  You might like to click ads and get paid for it.  If that’s the case you will find Clixsense very simple and easy to use.  You can also choose to do simple tasks that will pay you.  Another way for you to earn money with Clixsense is to complete surveys.  With each task you choose you will see your balance change as you earn from every ad you click or task you complete.  You will configure your payment threshold to send you a check or a PayPal payment when your threshold is reached.  I believe the minimum threshold is $10.00.


Who Should Join Clixsense?

One good thing about Clixsense is that anyone can join.  However, if you are looking for a full-time income this is probably not for you.  The ideal person to join Clixsense is someone looking to earn a few dollars from the spare time they have.  Maybe instead of watching TV, or even while you are watching TV, you can fill a few surveys and earn a few dollars.  Please understand that the only way to earn a significant income with Clixsense is to refer A LOT of people.  You can earn commission on the effort of others but you needs hundreds, if not thousands of referrals to earn a significant amount of money.  So if you are someone who likes to recruit others this could work for you.

Clixsense Summary

Name: Clixsense

Website: www.Clixsense.com

Owners: Jim V  Gregoria

Price: Free To Join

VERDICT:  Legitimate program low earning potential.


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