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What Is Ad Click Xpress – My Personal Experience 2018

Ad Click XpressNew Information As Of March 31, 2019

what is ad click xpressName: Ad Click Xpress
Website: www.AdClickXprss.is
Price: Free To Join
Owners: Original founder: Frederick Mann, Current Owners: UNKNOWN
Verdict: Short Term Income – Risky

I have seen a lot of negative reviews for Ad Click Xpress. My purpose in writing this review is to give a comprehensive look at what Ad Click Xpress actually is.

I know a lot about this program because I was a part of it for several years and I actually worked on staff when it was called Profit Clicking. Ad Click Xpress is not the original name of the company and the concept has evolved over several years.

When I joined in 2011 the program was called JustBeenPaid. The program was very simple and paid out 2% per day for every position you bought. Each position was for an advertisement that would be available in the future.

Each position was $10 and you would receive 0.20 per day from each position until you were paid back $15 at which time the position would expire. Each member could own as many positions as you like and more could be bought with your earnings.

Along with this there was also a referral program that allowed members to earn on 2 levels. Level one would pay 10% and level 2 would pay 5%. This made for a very lucrative program.

The support from JustBeenPaid was excellent. They would have daily conferences in an online conference room. Also, once a week Frederick Mann would hold a conference call and answer any questions asked.

Ad Click XpressAnyone, was allowed to join the conference call. With JustBeenPaid, I earned over $100,000 and my out-of-pocket investment was less then $500. Later JustBeenPaid was changed to Profit Clicking with the same basic concept.

At that time I was hired to work as a social media monitor. I posted information to Facebook and other social media sites and answered questions people would ask about the program.

Later Profit Clicking changed to what it is today, Ad Click Xpress. Ad Click Xpress has kept some of its original design, but they have added a lot since the original concept.

Now you are able to purchase ad packages as well as other products. As long as you click the required ads each day you receive Daily Sales Commissions.

Instead of a set rate of 2% the daily sales commissions fluctuate based on sales and other criteria. Once you have earned a certain amount of sales you may request a withdrawal. Same basic concept.

Pros – There Are Some Good Things

Ad Click XpressThere are actually a lot of things I like about Ad Click Xpress. Here are a few of them:

  • You Can Start A Membership For Free. It’s free to join Ad Click Xpress and you can earn commissions as a free member. This is very important and allows virtually anyone to make money.
  • A Strong Referral Program. Ad click xpress does have a 2 tier referral program that allows people to continue to earn from the people they refer to the program
  • Lots of information. The team at Ad Click Xpress constantly send out email updates about the program.

Cons – There Are Some Things I don’t Like

  • No Accountability. Since the owners are not made public there is no real accountability. The company is decentralized as an off shore company. This means they are not regulated by any governing laws.
  • Constant changes in payouts. The daily sales commissions constantly change and it’s hard to calculate exactly how much profit you can earn.
  • Ad Click XpressPayment Processors. All money paid into and out of Ad Click Xpress is done through online payment processors. They don’t accept credit cards or PayPal so you are at the mercy of the payment processors.
  • Withdrawals – Ad Click Xpress has a history of inconsistent withdrawals. For months at a time they did not pay any withdrawals. Now, some are paid but it’s hard to know how consistent they are and when they will pay you.



What Is The Startup Cost for Ad Click Xpress?

If you do decide to join Ad Click Xpress, you can join for free. Some programs offer a free trial, but Ad Click Xpress actually has a completely free membership option.

You probably won’t earn any money with the free membership but you can read through their site and get familiar with all they have to offer.

If you decide to purchase their product there are different levels you can get started at. You can purchase packages for as low as $10 and you are able to purchase multiple advertising packages.


How Does Ad Click Xpress work?

Basically, AdClickXpress is an advertising exchange. You are able to purchase advertising positions and then you can advertise their website on the exchange.

For $10 you get a certain number of advertising credits. You then use those credit to buy advertising slots and put your website on their exchange.

After that you can click on other members advertising and once you meet the requirements you are paid a daily sales commission.

Who Should Join Ad Click Xpress?

I suppose anyone can join Ad Click Xpress.  The better question is who should join.  As I mentioned earlier I have been a member for several years. The reason I am no longer active is because of the withdrawal features of Ad Click Xpress.

I have had my withdrawals tied up many times and finally decided not to risk it anymore. However, if you are looking for a place to advertise any website you have you could join for free and utilize the traffic exchange to get some traffic to your other websites.

Also, in all fairness I have not tried to make a withdrawal in a long time so I can’t say how the withdrawal system is working now.

Ad Click Xpress – My Final Remarks

I owe a debt of gratitude to this company. It was with JustBeenPaid that I got my start and learned about online income.

Ad Click XpressHowever, I don’t believe sites like this really offer a lasting business model. You don’t have to put in much effort in order to earn money with Ad Click Xpress, but the money you earn may be short-lived.

There is no telling how long this site will last and no one knows when they will pay withdrawals and when they will not.

So, if you would like to join Ad Click Xpress, you can do so for free.  If you decide to purchase ad packs in an effort to earn an income please realize there is a risk involved.

While I do believe you could earn some money from this please don’t use money that you can’t afford to lose.

However, If you are interested in a long-term online income, I can show you how to build an online business that will last.

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