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Hi again, Hans here. I just wanted to write an article about dream jobs. What is a dream job? It can be different things to different people. However, most of the time a dream job is more of an imagined position. Many people have an idea of a particular job they are dreaming about, but they have never held that position. Therefore, they really don’t know what the ins and outs are. It’s possible that their dream job could be a real nightmare! I’m sure that some people see their dream job as one they can do from home. Maybe a telecommuter, or a work – from – home call center job. I don’t know what your dream job is, but I would like to tell you a little about working online. I’ll give you the dreamy parts and the not-so-dreamy parts. This way, maybe I can help you decide if working online is your dream job.

Working Online – What Do You Mean By That?

When I talk about working online I’m not talking about your regular “job”. The type of work I’m talking about is not a part-time or full-time job where you get paid by the hour. I”m talking about self employment. It can be done part-time or full-time and there are many positions available. Your options are virtually endless, if you want to work from your computer on the internet. So, for the purpose of this post I’m going talk about one skill that you can learn that will offer you endless opportunities online. The skill is internet marketing, or more specifically, affiliate marketing. The idea of affiliate marketing is quite simple. Many companies and individuals have products and services that they want to sell. These people offer their products on the internet through some type of website. Many these companies and individuals will pay a commission to others who will market their products. This is called affiliate marketing. The good news is, almost any product or service you can imagine is available on the internet. Also, thousands upon thousands of these products and services offer affiliate commissions. That means if you can learn the skill of internet marketing, you can earn some of those commissions.

Pros Of Working Online – The Dreamy Part

If you are able to work solely from the internet, there are some really nice advantages. Think about this, you have an opportunity to go on a fabulous trip. However, you are unable to get away from work. I mean you need the money and your boss isn’t just gonna let you leave. Plus, you don’t have that much vacation time. What if you were your own boss and you could work anywhere you have an internet connection? Also, what if you could set your own hours and work any time day or night? That’s probably my number one reason for working online. In one word it’s freedom! However, there are other advantages as well. Let me list a few:

  • Work Where You Want.
  • Work When You Want.
  • Be In Control Of Your Own Salary.
  • Work From Home.
  • No traffic to get to work.
  • Low Start Up Cost.
  • Low Overhead.
  • Work Part-Time Or Full-Time
  • Work On Whatever You Are Passionate About

Cons Of Working Online – The Not-So-Dreamy Part

Working online is a fabulous experience. There are many wonderful advantages, but like any other job or business, there are also disadvantages. First of all, working online takes a lot of time and effort. You don’t start earning money right away. You have to put in a lot of time and you don’t get paid for it at first. You have to invest your own time and effort for a season until you start earning. The truth is that season could be a few months or it could be a year or more. The good news is you will start earning money if you don’t quite. So, let me share some cons with you.

  • You must work hard and sometimes for long periods of time without pay.
  • You never really leave your work because anywhere you go you can work. This is both a pro and a con.
  • Learning to balance your home life and work life can be difficult when you are working from home.
  • There are many distractions online and you must be disciplined to work on your specific niche
  • Finding a niche can be difficult if you don’t have anyone to help you.
  • Many online opportunities are not helpful and some of them are just scams

Startup Cost – How Much Money Do I need?

The good news is you can start an online business with virtually no money. You can work from a public computer and use public WiFi. There are many free websites online you can use to build your first website. Most of the affiliate networks are free to join. So, in reality you could start with no money at all. However, you will have to work harder and longer before you start earning an income. I believe the best way to get started is to save up a small amount of money or just use what you have in your budget already. You can start by finding a reputable online host company and buying a domain name for your website. After that you just need to budget a monthly amount for tools and training for your business. I would say you can get started for less than $100 and actually be successful by budgeting $50 to $100 per month. And to get started $50 a month would suffice.

How It Works – Internet Marketing 101

If you are still reading this article you are probably at least curious about working online. Earlier I mentioned what affiliate marketing is. Now I would like to share a little more about how it works. If you are going to work online as an affiliate marketer, the first thing you want to do is find a niche. A niche is a unique category that you are passionate about and would like to learn more about and share with other people. For this example lets say your niche is sports. Now you would want to narrow that down to a more specific product or service. Let’s use soccer balls. Finally, lets narrow that down to Wilson brand soccer balls. As an affiliate marketer you want to market products that other people have for sale. In doing that, you allow them to manufacture them, store them, ship them and care for all the other expenses. All you need to do is market. Now that you have a niche you would find a company or individual who is selling Wilson soccer balls and is willing to pay you a commission. Fortunately, on the internet there are thousands of ways to do that. For this example lets choose Walmart. You sign up to be a Walmart affiliate. Then you create a website where you share your passion for Wilson soccer balls. You can tell your story and let everyone know why you love Wilson and why they should use them. You advertise for Walmart on your site and every time someone buys through your site you earn a commission. This example is just one of literally thousands of ways you can earn money working online.

Who Should Work Online?

Remember when I said some dream jobs may actually be a nightmare when you start working them? That is also true for working online. This is not for everyone. However, if you have a desire for it, anyone can work online. The best way for anyone to get started is to find a mentor. Find someone you can trust who will help you navigate your way through the internet and get you started online. My suggestion is that you find a free service that offers the training and help you need to get started. Try it out and if you like it, stick with it. There are many services like this online. Some have a free trial or offer some parts of it for free. My number one recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. They truly take you step-by-step through the process and there are many members who will offer you help. I’m a member there and would love to mentor you through the process.

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