Success – A Journey Not A Destination

What Is Success? A Journey Not A Destination!

Success A journey not a destinationToday I want to talk to you about success. Remember, Success = A Journey Not A Destination.


What does success look like?  Every person has their own idea of success.  Most people want to be successful, but what exactly is success to you?  For most people success falls into a few different categories.  People want to have a good family.  They want freedom that will allow them to travel or spend time with the people they love.


Often times people want money, maybe a nicer car or bigger house.  Some people want to have a vacation house or a summer house and winter house.  Perhaps you want to own your own island.  Whatever, success is to you, that should be what you aim for.


I like to think of success as a journey, rather than a destination.  There are several stops along the way and each one can be very enjoyable if you know where you are going and how you will get there.  I remember a trip I took with my family.


We traveled from West Palm Beach, Florida to Tulsa Oklahoma.  Our destination was Tulsa, but we decided to enjoy our journey.  So, we stopped several times on along the way.  We were driving and one could make the trip in about 18 hours if you drive strait through.


However, we decided to bring a tent and stop at KOA campgrounds in several states along the way.  This way we didn’t get tired out from all the driving and we had a chance to see some of America and enjoy the outdoors.  Some of the stops were beautiful.  They had very nice facilities and we had a wonderful time.  Other stops were not as nice.  The facilities were dirty, it was very hot.  There were a lot of bugs and not many activities to do.

The Journey To Success

success a journey not a destinationSometimes our journey to success is similar.  As we map out our journey we know certain accomplishments we must attain.  Some of them are wonderful and we enjoy experiencing our own success in them.


Others are very difficult for us and make us feel uncomfortable.  Some of the necessary steps to success involve things we don’t want to do at all.  However, if we are going to be successful there are a few things that we must determine.

1. We must determine what success looks like.  Think of what you really want to accomplish in life.  Break it down into categories.  For example, you may want to get married, or have a better relationship with your wife or family.  Be specific as to what that would look like.  You should also have some financial goals.  How much money would you need to make each year for you to consider yourself successful?  I suggest having at least 3 categories that you want to acheive success in.  Really these are goals you have for each category.

2. Make a plan as to how you would acheive success in these areas. I like to work backwards.  I picture myself as having all the success that I’m looking for and work backwards asking what would be the last step in order to acheive this goal.  For example what would it take to double my income?  Than work backwards each step of the way until I am at my current place.  This way you will have a “Map” to success.

3.  Follow the plan.  You must determine that you will follow the map that you have made for yourself.  These may sound very simple, but it’s easy to get distracted.  So it’s important to know what your goal is, this will help to keep you on track.

If you are having trouble setting your goals, just think about what you really want out of life.  Imagine if you could wave a magic wand and have anything you wanted.  What would that be.  That is your life goal.  Than you can break that down into different categories and start making a plan.

Reach Out For Help Along The Way

success a journey not a destinaionIf your goals are similar to mine, you probably would like to be financially independent.  You want to have time to spend with your loved ones.  And you would like to be able to make your own schedule.  If that sounds like a good plan to you I can help you get started right away.


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