SEO Keyword Research Tool – Why Jaaxy Is The Best!

Jaaxy Is The Only SEO Keyword Research Tool You Will Ever Need!


Name: Jaaxy

Website: www.Jaaxy.com.

Price: Free to Start Up to $49/mo.

Owners: Kyle and Carson



What Is Jaaxy? – SEO Keyword Research Tool On Steroids!

Jaaxy is more than just a keyword research tool. You can find keywords, find domains and also look at your site rank, and that is just the beginning.

Jaaxy was created by Kyle and Carson in an effort to create a tool that would allow anyone to quickly and easily find keywords for their SEO projects. There are several techniques that can be used to find keywords that are competitive but those things take time.

With Jaaxy all the heavy lifting is done for you and you can have a great list of competitive keywords within just a few seconds. I have created a video below that will show you exactly how easy it is to use Jaaxy for your keyword research.






  • Competitive Pricing – Jaaxy pricing begins at $19/month for the Pro version and $49/month for the enterprise. These prices are much less than many competitive tools and Jaaxy does much more than most of them.
  • Support – There is a help tab on the Jaaxy website that offers videos that will show you exactly how to use all the features of Jaaxy. It’s very easy to become an expert keyword researcher with Jaaxy.
  • SEO Tools – Along with keyword research, Jaaxy also offers site ranking, domain searches and much more!
  • Web Based Tools – All the tools available in Jaaxy are completely web-based so there is no software to download. If you have internet access you can use Jaaxy.
  • Saved Keyword Lists – With Jaaxy you can save all your hard work. Anytime you do a keyword search you can save all the results.


  • Need Internet Access – Because Jaaxy is web – based the only way to use Jaaxy is when your connected to the internet. This actually can be a pro and con. The pro is that you don’t need to download any software, the con is that you must rely on the server for everything.


What Is The Startup Cost for Jaaxy?

SEO Keyword Research tool

The start up cost is $19 per month for the Pro and $49 per month for the Enterprise. However, you can get 30 searches for free when you sign up. I recommend trying a search for yourself so you can see the power of Jaaxy.

Who Should Purchase Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a great product for anyone who is interested in online marketing. If you want to build a website for online marketing you will find Jaaxy as a great investment for your business.

With Jaaxy you will be able to find competitive keywords in seconds. You will be able to see where your site is ranking and you will be able to get your site on first page of google in no time.

Jaaxy Summary

As I mentioned earlier in this post, Jaaxy is the only SEO keyword research tool you will ever need. With Jaaxy you can find the most competitive keywords in seconds. That hidden gem you are searching for can be yours! Once you start using Jaaxy you won’t use anything else to find your keywords.

Along with the keyword search tool you will also be able to see where your site ranks in search engines and much more. Please see the options below so you can determine which level of Jaaxy works best for you. In my opinion, you will have the best results with Jaaxy when used alongside the amazing training available with Wealthy Affiliate. I recommend purchasing both Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy together.

With your premium subscription to Wealthy Affiliate you will receive a Lite version of Jaaxy for free, which will allow you to use many of the features of Jaaxy on a limited level. I believe this is a great way to start with Jaaxy and you will be able to upgrade to Pro or Enterprise.

Jaaxy + Wealthy Affiliate Better Together.”’

Name: Jaaxy

Website: www.Jaaxy.com

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: 30 Free Searches Up To $49/Month

VERDICT: Recommended

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