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The Internet Dreamlegitimate online income opportunities

If you have access to the internet and you have a device you can text with, you can find legitimate online income opportunities.  Many people have heard of the American Dream and many people are pursuing their version of it. However, today I want to share with you the “internet dream.” See this dream does not belong to America. If you live in New York City, or if you live in a small village in Rural Africa, you can pursue the dream I’m sharing with you today. It takes courage to dream. Many times if you have failed before, you will be afraid to dream. But take courage, your dreams can still come true.   If you can learn to earn a living solely from the internet, you are only limited by the access you have to the internet. In today’s world there are very few places without internet access. This is the internet dream and there are legitimate online income opportunities!

My Story – Chasing the Dream

legitimate online income opportunitiesFor me, I began looking for a way to earn an income online back in 2008. My hope is to earn an online income that will allow me to travel the world and work from my laptop in any country I am in. I am a missionary and it is difficult to raise funds at times and if I can make my own living I never have to worry about having enough money to fulfill what God has called me to do. When I started looking online, I found out very quickly that there are thousands of online income opportunities. Unfortunately, I had no idea which ones would work for me. It was hard to find legitimate online income opportunities. Finally, in 2009 I joined a group of online entrepreneurs. We communicated in a Skype chat room and shared ideas with one another. We scoured the internet looking or the best opportunities. Through this group I found out about black hat, gray hat and white hat methods for earning an income. I tried several of these methods. At the time I didn’t really know what black hat meant. Mostly this is a way to earn money by using tricks and loop holes in the google rules and other regulations that allow you to email certain people or get your information in front of the proper target audience. Unfortunately, black hat methods do generate income, but almost always they are short-lived. The reason is, when you are bypassing the rules most companies don’t want you to market for them. So I was on a little roller coaster ride for a while. I would earn some money than get banned by certain companies, then earn again and get banned again. I knew there had to be a better way.

Eventually, I did find a genuine method of earning an income online. I began affiliate marketing. I learned a lot about affiliate marketing and joined several affiliate networks. Soon, I started trading offers with others and also learned how to do some mass email marketing. The problems I ran into were that the rules would continue to change. Some advertisers would not allow email marketing. Some sites would not allow you to send emails to people on their site. Spam laws got strict and it became very expensive to send mass email. Finally, I had to stop because I didn’t have the money and the methods I had learned were no longer working. However, I didn’t stop dreaming!

I had learned enough to know that if I create a website and drive traffic to it, I can monetize that site and earn an income. However, I still didn’t know exactly how to do that. I continued searching for new methods and ideas. Most of which were short-lived and many were simply a waste of time. Around 2011 I found out about some online programs that allowed me to earn an income simply by purchasing positions in their program. Many of these programs were called High Yeild Investment Programs. They were mostly all the same. If you buy a certain amount of positions in their company, they would pay you a percentage of their income each day. Some of these were great and many of them were just scams. I found a few that were very profitable for me and I started to market them as an affiliate. For a very small investment I was earning hundreds of dollars every day simply by referring these programs to other people and earning a commission. The money was pretty good, but eventually this too would come to an end. These companies do well for a while but in my experience they all end the same way. Some of them run out of money and close down, others get in trouble with the government because they don’t follow regulations and get shut down. Bottom line is these companies don’t last long term and you never know when they will come to an end.

Real Online Business – The Long-Term DreamLegitimate online income opportunites

Today, I am pursuing my dream a little differently. While making fast money may be appealing, it is never a long-lasting business goal. I thought I could make some money in these other companies and use my free time to work on long-term business ideas. However, I found that fast money leads to laziness. If there is a way to make money fast with little or no effort that is what you will gravitate towards. If there is no need to work on anything else and money is coming in, you probably won’t. I started looking at real long-term online business opportunities. I want a business that will continue to produce an income for me for many years to come. I need something that I can leave for my children and something that helps others see that there is hope and dreams do come true. After searching for many months I finally came across something that really works. I am able to use the knowledge I acquired doing affiliate marketing and learn some new techniques. This legitimate online opportunity is called Wealthy Affiliate. Let me tell you how I discovered it. I began to make a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish. I than wrote down 20 ways I could accomplish these goals. One idea that I wrote down was to find others who had already been successful and talk to them about how they did it. That’s exactly what wealthy affiliate is about. As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you have access to other members who are successful online. Many of these people earn a full-time income solely from internet marketing. In the Wealthy Affiliate platform there is a community of people who help you to accomplish your dreams. They will ask you about your goals. They also, help you set goals and learn how to accomplish them. I believe the most important thing I have learned on my journey this far is that if you want to be successful you must dare to dream. Write down your goals and be brave enough to go after them. If you are looking for a long-term legitimate online income opportunity, try Wealthy Affiliate. You can join for free and learn all about creating a long-term business.

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Folks, believe me when I tell you I only recommend legitimate online opportunities and this one is the real deal.  Thank you for stopping by, leave me a comment below and I’ll be glad to answer you.



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