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Introduction – What the Gurus Don’t Tell You

A lot of people are interested in making extra money online. The problem is few people really want to put in the effort. Many times when someone is looking at online money making opportunities, they will come across so – called gurus. These gurus will tell them about the hundreds of thousands of Make Extra Money Onlinedollars they have made online. They say something like this is my house, my yacht, my car or whatever they are showing off. Then they tell you “all you have to do to be successful is…” This normally is followed by some product or service that they are promoting and they tell you that will make you rich like them. But of course they don’t exactly say that. You many never earn what they do, but all the time they are enticing you with all their multi-million dollar homes, pools, beach clubs etc. I’m writing this article to tell you it typically doesn’t work like that. There is no secret sauce. You can buy all the secrets from all the online millionaires you want. You will still have to put in the time and the effort to be successful. I want to tell you the truth about online marketing and how you really can make extra money online.

Start With Some Goals – What Do You Want?

As you look for online opportunities you need to have your own goals in mind. Start by thinking about what you want to accomplish with your online adventure. Do you want an online business? Do you just want to work for a company online? How much money do you expect to earn or want to earn working online? Why do you want extra money from online work? I have found the more specific you are with your goals the more likely you are to accomplish them. And don’t be afraid to dream. Picture yourself earning the money you want to earn online. Imagine what you would be doing each day. Think about how that would affect your daily life, your family, your job and your overall state of being. Allow your imagination to take you to the place you want to be.

Write It Down – An Unwritten Goal Is Just A Wish

Once you decide what your goals are, write them down. In this article I am specifically talking about making extra money online. So, your goals should be in line with your desire for online income. For example, your first goal might be to find the best opportunity. Don’t limit your goals only to financial, but don’t neglect financial goals either. A good place to start is to write down 10 goals. These should be goals you would like to accomplish in the next 12 months. After you have written them down, ask your self this question. “If I could have one of these goals in the next 24 hours, which one would affect my life the most?” Whatever your answer is, that is the goal you should focus on for the next 12 months. If you focus on that goal, all the others will come to pass as well.

Find Ways To Accomplish Your Goals – Think About It

Make Extra Money OnlineIf your goal is to make extra money online and you have written down some goals you want to accomplish, the next step is to think about how to accomplish these goals. One method for doing this is simply to brainstorm. Use a pen and paper and start writing down ideas. Think about what your goals are and write down ideas that come to you that would help you accomplish these goals. Keep writing until you have at least 20 ideas. My guess is that somewhere in those 20 ideas you will find something that will work for you. Let me give you just a few things that can help you find successful ways to earn money online.

  1. Google – Spend time searching the internet for online business ideas
  2. Friends – Ask your friends what ideas they may have.
  3. Find Other Successful People – Seek out others who have been successful earning an income online and talk to them about ideas to get started with.

As you work on your own ideas and talk to others you will find many opportunities. The most important thing to remember is that whatever you find, it is going to take hard work and discipline in order to find success.

Why Online – There Are Other Ways To Make Extra Money

By now you should understand that the purpose for this article is mostly to help you think about why you want to earn extra money online. I believe this is one of the most important questions you will need to answer in order to be successful. Even if you know how much money you want to make, what it is you want to do and how successful you want to be, you still need to know why. Your “why” is going to give you the inspiration you need. There will be days that are difficult and times you will definitely want to quit. When you have a big enough “why” it will carry you through the tough times. As I am writing this article, my Father is sick and elderly. He lives about 700 miles away and I would love to go see him and spend time helping care for him. If I was earning my full-time income online, I could pack up my laptop and travel to his home to be with him. That’s an example of why I want to earn my money online. I have others and my “why” is huge. It motivates me to continue to write articles and to do whatever it takes to be successful. I will have a business solely based on the internet and be able to travel anywhere in the world and still earn a living. Because I am following my dreams, I’m being diligent and I’m writing down my goals. What about you? Are you ready to get started earning money online? If you need an idea of where to start, click here to look at my review of Wealthy Affiliate. They offer excellent training for anyone looking to get started making money online.

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