How To Use Keywords In Your Website – Research Is Important

how to use keywords in your websiteIn order to have a successful website you must have traffic to your website. In this post I’m going to show you how to use keywords in your website.  One of the fundamental ways traffic is generated is through the use of keywords.  Hi, it’s Hans again and I want to take this opportunity to share with you how to use keywords in your website.  The use of keywords is very important, as Google uses this to help rank your website in their search engine.  Lets get right into this.

What is a keyword – It’s Very Simple

A keyword is a word or phrase that sums up what you are talking about on a particular page of your website.  When someone performs a search online, the word or phrase they enter is a keyword.  For example, on this page my keyword is “How To Use Keywords In Your Website”.  Notice that I used more than one word here.  This is called long-tail keywords.  Long-tail keywords give you a chance to be more specific about what the subject on your page.  I could have just used “Keywords” as my title and keyword for this page, but that would be very broad and I want to narrrow down my subject so my keywords are very specific.  There are a few ways to find keywords for your website and I’ll share more on that later. The best keywords are ones that don’t have a lot of competition.  These means not many others are using it in their website. Just keep in mind that there are billions of keywords and if you continue to research you will find one that is perfect for you.   Some things to look for in a keyword are:

  • Is the keyword readable? – This is important when using a phrase.  My example, “how to use keywords in your website” is a readable phrase.  However, when researching keywords you will come across many that are not readable.
  • Does it match your subject? – If your website is about sports than you want to be sure the keyword phrase you choose is something sports related.  Also, you want to be able to continue to write about the subject while supporting your keyword phrase.  In other words, don’t simply pick a keyword because you believe it ranks well and than write about something that doesn’t line up with the keyword title you choose.
  • Competition – Choose a keyword that doesn’t have too much competition.  I’ll talk more about this later.  Basically, you don’t want to choose a keyword that millions of other websites are ranking with because it will take you too long to rank your site with that keyword.

Why Are Keywords Important – It’s Really About Google

Keywords are a fundamental building block for your website.  They are extremely important because google uses keywords to rank your website.  When someone types a word or phrase into the Google search bar, Google sees that as a keyword.  Google uses an algorithm and an automated system to search websites for keywords.  The content on each site is analyzed and Google determines which order they will appear in the search engine.  This means your keyword could literally mean the difference between thousands of people seeing your site and zero people seeing your site.  Keywords are very important.

How To Use Keywords – Don’t Over Do It

There are some rules when using keywords on your website.  The main idea is to write your content for your readers, not for the search engines.  With that in mind you don’t want to just repeat  your keyword over and over throughout your post.  When you do this Google looks at it as “keyword stuffing” and can penalize your website for that.  This is completely counter productive.  While there are many ways to use keywords, my suggestion is use the keyword in the title of your page and one time in your first paragraph.  After that, simple write naturally.  If you are writing on subject you will support your keywords throughout your page.

Click here for a more information about using keywords.

Best way To Find Keywords – Google Is Your Friend

There are many ways to find keywords.  A very simple way is to do a google search.  Remember, you are writing for your readers.  With this in mind, think about the last time you searched for something online.  You probably typed the name of a product or service into Google.  Typically, you start with a product and than you narrow your search based on interests that you find.  So if you are selling an LG Active bluetooth headset, you would want to use a keyword related to that brand because you want to catch people when they are in the buying part of their decision – making process.  You can use the results in google to help you determine a good keyword.

When I type in Bluetooth headset into the google search bar, I can see that there are about 118,000,000 results found.

how to use keywords in your website

If I add quotes to the search like this “bluetooth headset” I get the results of websites using that exact keyword.  The results now are 20,500,000.

how to use keywords in your website

This is a lot of competition.  So you can continue to narrow this down using more long-tail keywords until you reach your desired results.  For example is I use “LG tone active bluetooth headset” I can see that the results are much smaller and therefore it is a keyword with much less competition.

how to use keywords in your website

Here the results are only about 64.  So this is a great keyword if I am selling this particular product.  However, there are a lot easier ways to do your keyword research.  There are products called keyword research tools.  Google offers a free keyword tool called the keyword planner tool.  While this tool is free, it can be a bit complicated and there is a learning curve.  The results are ok, but they are not always complete.

For a full-service tool you probably want to get a better keyword tool that does the heavy-lifting for you.  I prefer to use the keyword research tool offered by wealthy affiliate.  It’s called Jaxxy.  Jaxxy offers a lot of features besides finding the best keyword and it will help you build successful websites.

how to use keywords in your website



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Which ever keyword research tools you use, please keep in mind the importance of writing for your readers and not for the search engines.  Even if you find the best keywords in the universe, you still need quality content to get the traffic you want for your website.

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