How To Find A Niche – Passion Is Key!

Since I started working online, I have found one of the most frustrating things for people getting started is how to find a niche. So I decided to write this post to give you a few ideas. Lets start out by discussing what a niche is. A niche is a specific product, service or category that appeals to a specific demographic of people. An example of a niche would be health products. This is a very broad niche because there are a lot of health products. For the purpose of this post I’m going to focus on finding a niche that you can use for your online business. You may be a little stressed out trying to figure out what your niche is. My advice is to relax, it really isn’t very complicated. If you want to be successful online, just think about what you are passionate about. What are your hobbies, or what are some things you like to do? If you love sports you can choose sports as your niche.

Narrow Down Your Niche – Bigger Is Not Always Better

Once you find something you are passionate about, try to narrow that niche down as far as you can. Lets use the health product niche I mentioned earlier as an example. If you are passionate about health products, narrow that down to a more specialized niche. You can do this by asking yourself specific questions. Ask the questions what, why and who. This will help you narrow your niche.

  • What products are you passionate about? Since health products are everywhere and there are so many of them it is a good idea to think about some specific products you love. For example you may be passionate about supplements. Now ask yourself what supplements are you passionate about. You should have an idea of several supplements you love.
  • Why do you love this product? If the supplement you love is ABC supplement, ask yourself why do I love this? You should have several reasons this product is so appealing to you. Chances are, others will love it for the same reasons.
  • Who will use this product? Now you have a product, you know why you love it, its time to ask who would use this product? Think about the demographics of your niche. Is it for older people, younger, male, female or can anyone use it?

As you continue to ask yourself questions about your niche product you will be able to narrow it down even further and this will give you a more competitive edge.


Research Your Niche – Google Is Your Friend

As you are trying to find your niche, don’t forget to do your research. A simple google search will get ideas flowing for you. For example, if you google sports you will likely find a long list of sports and sports products. This is a great way to get ideas and continue narrowing down your niche. Also, even after you have narrowed it down to your specific product or service, google will give you great ideas you can use later on as you build your online business.

Find A Keyword For Your Niche – Be Specific

So all of this narrowing down and research of your niche is leading to something. Something all online businesses need is a website. Also, all websites need traffic. In order to build your website and get good traffic to your site you will need your niche and keywords that will increase your traffic. Remember the exercises earlier, where you ask all the questions about your niche? Many of your answers have keywords in them. You will need to use a keyword tool. Google has a free keyword research tool that you can use to find your favorite keyword for your niche. There are a lot of other keyword tools available online and many business opportunities will include a keyword tool. Like I said Google has a free one.

For me finding a niche was easy. I love to help people get started online, so I use the products and services available at wealthy affiliate. I have done a review of the wealthy affiliate site and you can look at it here. Also, they do offer a great keyword tool that is sure to help you find a winning keyword that will lead to tons of traffic.

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