Gaming Jobs Online Reviews – Video Game Testers

Gaming Jobs Online Reviews – Is It A Real Thing?

Name: Gaming Jobs Online

Website: GamingJobsOnline.com
Price:$27 per month/$1 7-day trial

Owners: UNKOWN


What Is Online Gaming Jobs Online? – Is It A Scam?

Video Game TesterToday I decided to do a review of a website called online gaming jobs. Typically, on my site, I do reviews of different ways to earn money online. Usually these are reviews of different business opportunities that allow you to build something that will last a long time. However, I have found that many people are simply looking for a JOB. They want some task they can do that will pay them and they can do it in their free time from home. Since this site is about being recession proof I feel these types of income definitely fall into that category. However, if you truly want to be financially independent and want to use the internet to get you there I suggest you look at my most recommended review for online income here.

Keep reading to find out about being a video game tester

Anyway, I have 4 children of my own and all of them like to play video games. One day I was looking at different ways to make money online and I came across this site. It’s called Gaming Jobs Online.

Much to my surprise this site offers ways for you to earn money playing video games.


So I did some more research and found that this is actually a legitimate site. Now, don’t get too excited. Just because you can earn money playing video games doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. This is a site that connects you with real life manufacturers and big name companies looking for dedicated video game testers. The site itself does not pay you for playing video games. Gaming Jobs Online is a database site that gives you access to many companies who will pay you to give feedback on their video games. So if your dream is to be a video game tester this site may be a great place for you to try that out. I hope you will find this review helpful and please let me know if you decide to try out video game testing.

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Pros – Some Reasons I like This Site

  • The price is reasonable. They are charging $27 per month for access to their database. This seems like an affordable price and if you are able to find just one job that pays you for testing games you will more than pay for the membership.
  • The site lists real companies. The companies on the site are big name game manufacturers who would likely pay for testing. The links on their site show actually job opportunities, not some weird way to earn money playing games. It’s legitimate companies paying for your time and feedback of their products
  • Their Site Is Strait Forward. I like the fact that they have FAQ’s on their site. They list companies they work with, they have testimonials and they have a way to contact them. All of these things give the site more credibility and an overall good online appearance
  • Money Back Guarantee! This is a big one. I like any site that offers money back guarantee. They will repay your subscription within 60 days if you don’t earn money playing video games. That is a good benefit.

Cons – Things I Don’t Care For

  • They are slightly Mis-Leading. If you didn’t research this fully you may assume they are paying you for testing video games. The fact is the site is not paying you, they are connecting you will a database of companies who will pay you.
  • There is some other offers that are not relevant. They also mention online surveys and focus groups that I’m not sure of the payment on those.
  • They make claims of income and time it will take. It’s always good to know how much you can make and how long it will take. However, they say most make money within 24 hours and they give a calculator that just tells you how much you will make based on your hourly wage. However, you don’t see how much that hourly wage will be.


How Much Does Membership Cost?

Gaming Jobs online charges $27 per month for their membership. They also offer a $1, 7-day trial. I would suggest getting the 7-day trial. If you don’t like it you can cancel before paying for the full membership. It’s a great way to try out the idea of getting paid for testing video games.

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How Does Gaming Jobs Online Work?

video game testerThe best way to get started with Gaming Jobs Online is to sign up for the $1 trial. This will give you access to all that is on the site for 7 days. Than you can decide what jobs are best for you. You decide how you want to be paid. You can earn cash or you can earn other rewards. If you don’t like what you find on the site you can get a refund and cancel your subscription. The cost is low enough to make it an easy decision and the risk is reduced to zero with the money back guarantee. My suggestion is to sign up and try it out.

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Who Should Subscribe To Gaming Jobs Online?

Are you interested in playing video games? Would you like to become a video game tester? If so, you are the perfect candidate to sign up for gaming jobs online. This site is designed for anyone who loves playing video games and is looking to earn money online. If this is you, you should sign up and get started right away.




Name: Video Game Tester



Price: $27/month $1 7day trial

VERDICT: Legitimate Opportunity

Please let me know if you decide to become a video game tester. I would love to hear your experience with online gaming jobs. Leave me a message below to let me know you were here. I hope you enjoyed this Gaming Jobs Online Review!

Many Blessings!



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  1. Hi thanks for the article. It’s amazing that you could actually get paid to play video games but I can see the logic in a company wanting real life feedback on their products. I would be worried about signing up and paying a monthly fee if it weren’t for their money back guarantee. This takes the risk out somewhat.

    • Yeah, I like the money-back guarantee, but I don’t think anyone will need it. Honestly, it’s cheap enough and if you get just one gig you more than pay for the subscription.

  2. I have heard about this place before and was really tempted to try it, I still am honestly. But I was always a bit sceptical, it didn’t seem quite right.

    Thank you for such an informative review, you really helped me make a conclusion. This article was really welcome.

    • Hi Mel, glad I could help you! You should definitely consider it if you are serious about playing video games. It’s a fun, easy way to earn some cash!

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