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What Are The Best Keywords For Search Engines?

If you have a website you have probably had the question at some point, “what are the best keywords for search engines?”  If that is a strange question for you, you probably don’t have much experience with online marketing.  That’s fine because in this article I’m going to show you how to find the best keywords to rank on the first page of search engines.


There are several ways to learn how to build a website and all of them require keyword research.  You can learn about building a website from wealthy affiliate or Google Sniper or a number of other ways.  In this post I’m going to show you how to find the keywords you will need for any method you choose.


So, lets start from the beginning.  Keywords are words or phrases people enter into search engines like google, in order to find what they are looking for.  Of course the most popular search engine is Google and this is going to be our main focus.  The best keywords are going to have at least 3 traits.


1. Traffic – The Keyword has to be one that is getting traffic on Google.
2. Low Competition – The Keyword should have less than 300 competing websites for the exact phrase
3. Make Sense – Probably most importantly the keyword must make sense. This way you can put it in a sentence and you can naturally write about the keyword.


If you don’t have a website you might want to start by looking into Wealthy Affiliate or Google Sniper to get started with your website


For the purpose of this article I’m going to walk you through finding the best keyword for your website by using the Jaaxy keyword tool.  In my opinion, Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool you can use.  It’s very simple, web based and you can find your results quickly.  So, please follow along as I show you how this works.

If you don’t have jaaxy you can get it free by clicking here.

Once you have a jaaxy account you can very easily search for the best keywords for your niche.  For the purposes of this article, I’m going to use the keyword “make money online”.


This is a very popular niche and one that you may want to market.  Once you log in to Jaxxy you should see the homepage, click on Keywords tab just below the Jaaxy Logo and You should see a screen similar to the one below.  Notice I have already entered my keyword “make money online”.


In the space where it says “enter a keyword to start your search” you will enter your keyword or phrase.  As you can see I entered “make money online”.


Immediately you can see the average searches per month and the traffic you can get if you rank on the first page in search engines.  However, I am using Jaaxy Lite, so I need to click the QSR Button to get the QSR and the KQI information.


On this keyword you can see the QSR is 234, meaning there are 234 other websites that are ranking in google for this exact phrase.  So this keywork passes our first 2 criteria.


It has traffic and it has less than 300 other websites competing for the keyword.  It also makes sense so that means it meets all three of the criteria we talked about earlier.


However, Jaaxy does a little more research for us and it gives us a Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) which helps to determine the quality of the keyword.  As you can see this keyword is Normal, which is ok, but not the best.


Also, the SEO score given by Jaaxy is 72 out of a hundred.  Again, not that great.  However, the great thing about Jaaxy is that we immediately have a great list of keywords and we can begin looking for something with a better KQI and SEO score that still makes sense and gets some traffic.


That’s how simple it is to find the best keywords for your website using Jaaxy.

Now lets move on to the next tab.

Alphabet Soup

The next Tab is labled Alphabet soup.  When you click on it you will have a similiar page with a place to enter your keyword again.  Take a look at my screenshot below.


As you can see, I have already entered our keyword again into the alphabet soup tab.  In this tab we can get even more keyword ideas.


People who enter the search make money online may also enter these keywords.  These are keywords that come up in the google auto fill when you enter the keyword plus the letter of the alphabet.


Jaaxy does all the research for you and you just have to choose the letter you want to try and then you can click search on this to see the results of that keyword.

On to the next tab.

Saved Lists


Jaaxy also gives you the ability to save your keywords into lists.  This allows you to have a list of keywords on virtually any topic at your fingertips.


You can quickly see hundreds of keywords that you have previously researched and start writing content around those keywords and start ranking your site on the first page of Google.

Search History


Along with keyword research you can also see a history of the keywords you have been looking for.  This can be helpful if you have done several keywords and can’t remember which ones had the best results.


If you forget to save a keyword or just need to see what you have already searched, you can find it on this tab.

Search Analysis


Along with keyword research, Jaaxy also will give you an analysis of other websites ranking for that keyword.  In our example you can see the websites that rank for the keyword “make money online”.


You can also see the exact lising and the position they are ranking in google.  This lets you know exactly what your competition is doing.

Affiliate Programs


If you click on Affiliate programs, Jaaxy will give you a list of affiliate programs you can promote.  You can see what is available on commision Junction, LInk Share, Digital River and Clickbank.

This way if you need something to promote that uses your keyword you have some ideas to look into.



The final tab I’m going to mention is the one labled Brainstorm.  This simply allows you a place to jot down ideas you have for your website.


Jaaxy also gives you some ideas from google, twitter, alexa and amazon.  This is good information and can help you find ideas for what you may want to promote.



I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough of Jaaxy today.  If you have not done so, please click here to get your free jaaxy account and you can get 30 free searches just to test it out.  This way you get to see for yourself how it works.


Thank you so much for visiting my site today and I hope I was helpful in answering what are the best keywords for search engines.  If you have any questions please post them in the comments below.


Also, if you found any other characteristics of the best keywords post it in the comments below.

To Our Success!


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